Reiki emerged in Japan in the late 1800's and its current form was first developed in 1922 by a Japanese Buddhist called Mikao Usui, who reportedly taught 2,000 people the Reiki method during his lifetime. The practice spread to the U.S. through Hawaii in the 1940s, and then to Europe in the 1980s.The word "Reiki" comes from the Japanese words "rei" (universal) and "ki" (life energy).


Reiki is a form of alternative therapy commonly referred to as energy healing or hands-on healing. Its holistic nature means that addresses the body, mind and spirit. Reiki involves the transfer of universal energy from the practitioner's palms to their patient. It is a healing therapy that is a safe, natural and holistic way of treating many acute and chronic conditions and bringing about spiritual, mental and emotional wellbeing. One of the benefits of Reiki healing is distance healing where Reiki is sent over via picture and the name of the person.


Energy can stagnate in the body where there has been physical injury or possibly emotional pain. In time, these energy blocks can cause illness. Reiki therapy aims to help the flow of energy and remove blocks. Improving the flow of energy around the body, can enable relaxation, reduce pain, speed healing, and reduce other symptoms of illness. It is also a great for those enjoying good health as it will help to reconnect with one’s inner self.

Benefits of Reiki Therapy


The relaxing nature of Reiki makes it beneficial in many situations. It can be especially helpful for those who may be feeling disconnected, isolated or overwhelmed. Reiki can help to bring about a sense of peace and centeredness, helping you feel better able to cope with challenges. Promoting a sense of well-being, Reiki encourages and supports positive lifestyle choices. It can help to reduce the need for alcohol and tobacco.


The calming effect of a Reiki treatment is also beneficial to pregnant women, supporting them on their journey. Children and animals can also benefit from Reiki.


When used in conjunction with medical treatment, rebalancing energy can help to manage symptoms of anxiety, fatigue and pain. Reiki can be used for short-term problems or in an ongoing capacity to promote overall health and well-being.


Promoting a sense of well-being, many find Reiki encourages and supports positive lifestyle choices. Some even say it helps to reduce the need for alcohol and tobacco.


Reiki can help in many conditions including the following:


  • Pain relief from migraine, arthritis, back pain, injury, etc

  • Stress reduction

  • Improved sleep

  • Post-surgery recovery

  • Helping to prevent illness and disease

  • A totally rebalancing experience, both physically and emotionally

  • Fatigue syndromes

  • Cancer

  • Heart disease

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Chronic pain

  • Infertility

  • Neurodegenerative disorders

  • Autism

  • Crohn's disease


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Distant Reiki

One of the basic teachings of healing with Reiki is that we are more than our physical bodies. We also have an energy body made up of our aura (energy fields), the chakras (energy centres) and the meridians (energy pathways.) Like our physical body that takes in food to nourish it and give it energy, our energy body does the same. The energy fields take energy in, the chakras break it down, and the meridians distribute it throughout the body. Reiki is used holistically to restore balance in mind, body and spirit while promoting the body's regenerative self-healing ability. Its healing energy connects us on an energetic and spiritual level where the healing work is conducted. To understand this, we must first realize that we are more than our physical bodies. Our thoughts, emotions, feelings, ideas, perspectives and moral beliefs all exist within us, but they are not part of our physical bodies. They are energies that can affect our physical bodies, but they are not physical elements. Same way, our spirit also forms part of who we are, and it is not a physical element. Reiki energy connects on our spiritual and energetic levels. Distant Reiki sessions work because energy is not limited by time and space – these are physical limitations only.


For distant Reiki treatments it is important to provide a picture and name of the person to focus and send the energy.

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